Afghan Kitty

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This little kitty is the… well, not the unofficial mascot of the camp out here, but definitely the unofficial pest controller. She or he is friendly, too… which is a shame, because the prevalence of rabies and disease means that I cannot pet poor kitty. She (or he) has the most amazing deep golden eyes.


Flashback: Iraq Graffiti

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Fair warning: These images may offend. When I was in Iraq, the communications compound had a smoking area, known in Air Force parlance as a “smoke pit.” This smoke pit had existed for years, gathering graffiti and (yes) vulgar history in the style of ancient cave paintings everywhere. Given the impermanent nature of the American […]

Update: Itinerant Edu

This journal exists because I decided to come back to Afghanistan. I decided to come back to Afghanistan because it is the easiest most efficient way for me to fund my quest for higher education. I realized this morning, though, that I’ve not actually offered any updates as far as that quest is concerned.

Let’s fix that now.

Arizona State – Masters in GTD

Right now, I’m approximately 80% done with my Masters degree. I need to wrap up the Fall semester, which will be complete at the beginning of December. After that, I need one core class, one internship, and I’ll have an OMG official Masters degree from Arizona State University.

The internship looked like it was going to be problematic, but (assuming everything goes well) it looks like I can count this Afghanistan gig as an internship. So win.

Look for my completion / graduation in May!

??? – Juris Doctorate in Law

Of the thirteen law schools to which I’ve applied, I have four responses already. Considering that applications went out in September & October, that’s pretty good.

…oh, right. You want to know their replies. ;-)

Duke - Wait listed.

Georgetown, Richmond, William & Mary - Admitted!

Given that my admitted schools are all excellent institutions, I am definitely without a doubt, no questions about it, going to law school. I am quite pleased with my responses so far. Now it is a matter of giving the other law schools a chance to respond, awaiting financial aid awards, and touring the top few when I am in the United States in April – May.


Flashback: Leatherneck Fitness

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Given the lack of distractions like movie theaters, restaurants, and real life responsibilities, it is easy to schedule workouts in a war zone. Camp Leatherneck was no exception. The dry heat and relatively short rainy season made outdoor gyms a definite thing. Though my “final” gym was in a no photo zone, you’ll get the […]


Flashback: Sand & Sand

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I wrapped up my stint in Iraq back in 2011. Having arrived during the hottest, driest part of the year, I had just missed the sandstorms. Not to worry, though… the following Spring, I was treated to multiple storms. One even came with a combination thunderstorm / sandstorm… I can now say that I have […]


Snow & Sunrises: Kabul

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This morning’s run was exceptionally clear and exceptionally chilly, too. Though I’ve lived through one winter in the Helmand Province, and I visited Bagram in June, this is my first Winter season in Kabul. I suppose that beautiful sunrises and snow-capped mountains might get old if I lived here… … actually, no. I don’t think […]

Domestic & Foreign Both

2012-03-09_08-25-01_873The terrible truth is that I am wary of returning to the United States.

I mean, I’ve been gone since July of 2010, more or less, with a brief 4 month stint in Richmond between Cuba and Bahrain. Since then I’ve been more visitor than citizen, breezing through for two to three weeks at a time while I work on the next opportunity overseas.

In 2014, though, that’s scheduled to change.

Come late next year, I’ll be repatriating myself for at least a few years. I’m excited, but it is also a little bit scary. The country I left in 2010 is not, in many ways, the country that will exist in 2014. More to the point, I’m no longer the person who left in 2010.

I’m sure I will survive. I am nothing if not adaptable. If I should seem strange and foreign when I come through immigration, though… try not to judge me too much!


Flashback: Bagram in June

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Back in June, I had to travel to Northern Afghanistan to take my LSAT. Despite Leatherneck being a rather large base, the only person in the entire county qualified to administer the exam was located at Bagram Air Field (BAF.) The trip, as odd as it might sound to most people, was a welcome break. […]

Who do you be?

It’s been a few days now,  and I realized that I’ve yet to properly introduce myself.  So hello there.  I’m me.  I run this little corner of the Internet.


Okay,  okay.  I’ll try harder.  ;-)

Where to start,  though? 

I’m a full time student at Arizona State,  graduate level.  I’m pursuing my Masters in Global Technology and Development.  Alas,  I have never seen Tempe,  AZ because…

…I’m also a habitual expatriate. I started out as an expat in Iraq,  but I’ve since lived in Cuba, Kuwait, Bahrain,  and Afghanistan. The majority of my time since 2010 has been spent abroad.  It isn’t hard to find work out here either. I…

… am pretty good with IT, and I can figure out what I do not know.  I am also trusted by officials and,  with a proven track record over here,  I can hop from short term contract to short term contract.  It isn’t a bad way to make money,  but…

… My ultimate goal is to go to law school.  I have worked my way up from a mediocre high school experience,  though community college and into a proper graduate program. I have been accepted at a few places  and I hope to hear from others soon.  And eventually…

… both girlfriend and I will get out return home,  where we will get to spend the most time together that we’ve ever had.